Posted Workers

From July 30, 2020, additional terms and conditions of employment and circumstances apply for posted employees and additional obligations for foreign employers.

All information and the reporting desk regarding the reporting obligation can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Uniper Benelux n.v. is obliged to check, approve or reject the data entered on the reporting desk. Failure to comply with the notification obligation may have financial consequences imposed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Uniper Benelux n.v. has set up a central process to comply with the reporting obligation. As a service and support for your part of the reporting obligation, you should therefore enter the following information in the appropriate input fields.

Failure to timely and / or correctly complete the reporting obligation is the responsibility of the applicant, Uniper Benelux n.v. cannot and is not liable for any consequences that may arise from this.

for central handling, you must enter the name of your contact person of Uniper Benelux n.v. and, contrary to your contact person, the following information:

Telephone number: 010-2895711

Email address:

Telefoonnummer : 010-2895711
E-mailadres :

PAY ATTENTION! Filling in an email other than the one above will result in a delay in the release of the document and as a result access cannot be guaranteed.